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What You Need to Know 新利体育 Summer

盈科提供 一个 summer session from 6月24日 - 8月16日.
  • The Summer 课程表 is available now
  • Registration appointments will be available in LancerPoint on April 15.
After 注册 for classes, you can buy your books from the PCC 书店 - either in-person or online.  Choose in-store pickup, or have them shipped directly to you.
While the majority of classes are held in person, some will also be offered hybrid and fully online classes.
  • 现场: Classes are offered at the Main Campus and Foothill Campus.
  • Online Synchronous: Held online and you will log in at a specific time to take the course.
  • Online Asynchronous: Your online class is pre-recorded. You do not log in at a specific time. 相反, you will access class material on Canvas and complete assignments within a specific timeframe as specified by your instructor. Please note: your online schedule says, “TBA” for all classes that are “asynchronous”.
  • 混合: The class includes an in-person and online portion.

You can learn more about how a course is being offered by checking the 课程表

Term-long lending of Chromebooks / laptops, hotspots, and calculators are available to currently enrolled PCC students! Visit the PCC图书馆 to learn more.
Whether you are taking public transportation, riding a PCC shuttle, or driving to campus, we’ve got you covered! Click the links below to find all you need to know about transportation and parking options at PCC.


Registration Starts May 20!

Check your registration appointment in LancerPoint to find out when you start 注册 在夏天!


PCC is Here for You

Both in-person and remote, we are here to support you during the summer semester.

Additional Student 服务

If you need help with admissions, 注册, financial aid and/or to meet with a counselor, please visit our 帮助中心.