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What to Do Before 你 Register

  • Log into LancerPoint 和 find the card My Registration Appointment. 点击 the blue button to check your registration date 和 time. 
  • Add your registration day 和 time to your calendar so you don‘t forget them!
  • When you start at PCC, a counselor will help you create your Lancer Plan. 这是 a recommended list of courses you should take.
  • 你r Lancer Plan will be located in LancerPoint.

Need help finding your educational plan? 使用我们的 tutorial to learn how!

Once you know what classes you need to take, explore the Schedule of Classes to see when classes are being offered for the upcoming 术语. 

  • Copy down the CRN numbers of the course sections you want to register for. 你会 need these to register when the time comes!
  • 使用我们的 Schedule Planner to help you plan your courses for the upcoming 术语!

Need help using the Class Schedule? 看 our video to learn more!


How to Register (Add Classes)

On (or after) your assigned registration date 和 time, log in to LancerPoint to start adding classes!

How to Add Classes in LancerPoint

  1. 登录到 LancerPoint
  2. 找到 Registration Card 和 click on Add/Drop Classes
  3. Select the current registration 术语
  4. 你 may need to complete a pre-registration survey. 点击 on the link to complete the survey (there are no wrong answers). 
  5. On the next screen, enter the 5 digit CRN code(s) of your selected courses into the boxes provided at the bottom of the screen.
  6. 点击 Submit Changes
  7. 你 should now be registered for the class(es). To check if you have successfully registered for your classes, go back to My Classes 和 学者 tab 和 click on View /Print My Class Schedule. The classes you have added successfully will be listed here.
  8. If you receive an error, please review our guide to registration errors for help to resolve the issue.


Registration Problems & 问题

While registering, you may see one of the following items which may make it difficult for you to register. 点击 on the error below to learn more 和 see the steps to resolve it. 


Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not pay your fees, you are at risk of being dropped 48小时 before the start of the 术语/semester. Unless excepted, non-resident students with outst和ing balances owed to the college will be dropped from their classes two days prior to the start of classes in each 术语. We recommend that you pay with a credit card on LancerPoint before the end of your registration.

Paying 你r 费用

If you’ve paid your fees 和 need to drop, look for the Critical Dates for each course by visiting the schedule of classes 和 clicking on the CRN of the course you would like to drop. Dates to keep in minds are Last day to drop with a refund  Last day to drop with a W.

Last Day to Drop with a Refund, you are financially responsible for 和 remaining fees for your registered classes. If classes are not paid by then, there will be a hold on your account, preventing you from registering for future 术语s at PCC.

Need assistance with your tuition?  Apply for Financial 援助

Questions about your Financial 援助? Contact Financial 援助

Please contact the Financial 援助 Office for more information at gotopcc@70877.net.  

If you are an international student, check with the International Student Center for your payment policy.

是的! However, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to find open classes. Once again – register for your classes as soon as you can!

Once classes begin, you will not be able to register online through LancerPoint. 你 will need to obtain an Add Code from the instructor of the course you wish to add if there is still space. 

Registration times are r和omly generated. 你 和 your friends will probably have different registration times.