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Degree, Certificate and 转移 项目

Four different associate 学位s, 116 certificate of achievement programs, and 34 转专业, all in diverse fields including business, psychology, nursing, computer science, 艺术和更多. No matter where you are headed, PCC gives you the place to start.

Academic 项目 and 职业生涯 Paths

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科学家们. 艺术家. 企业家. 数学家. 表演者. 哲学家. 护士. 律师. 工程师. 教育工作者. 政客们. 和更多的. 我们的 11 academic divisions (83 areas of study) offer exceptional, diverse, and rigorous courses that let you explore your academic interests, find your passions and become who you want to be.

We are here to help, every step of the way.

Academic 咨询, 支持 and 项目

Set your academic goals and make an educational plan with the advice of counselors in our counseling center. Use our student success centers, 24/7 online tutoring service, and robust library for the academic support and resources you need. Enrich your academic experience through our specialized academic programs, 荣誉 program, and study abroad 机会. Or, take advantage of our specialized services and programs for first-year students, first-generation college students, veterans, students with disabilities, 和更多的.

At PCC, you are not alone — we're here to help you succeed.

收割. 离开. 走了!

转移 & 职业服务

With so many choices, it can be hard to decide what's next. 我们的 转移 学位s and majors lay the foundation for transferring to a four-year 大学. Advisers and resources in our transfer center are available to help you with your educational and career goals as well as make sure you're taking the right steps to transfer successfully. 我们的 diverse career and technical education programs give you the training to enter the workforce. Undecided on your career goals? 我们的就业中心 will help you explore options and find a career for you.

转移中心  职业中心

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Experience a whole new world.

国际 学生s Program

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研究 460 students from 70 different countries in PCC's 国际 学生s Program. 我们的 excellent faculty, diverse students, and modern resources will help you develop your knowledge and skills and lead you down a path of success.



With courses in almost every subject, our Distance Education program makes attending 类方便. Just like a traditional face-to-face class, your online course is taught by an accredited instructor. You will have regular lessons each week, with the same rigor and course material 作为常规课程. The only difference is that everything — lectures, assignments, and tests — is done online.


获得成功. Start at PCC in High School.

预科 项目

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It's never too early to begin working towards a college 学位. 我们的 pre-college programs offer 机会 to start earning college credit while still in high school, be supported as you work towards earning your high school diploma and get help with applying and transitioning to college.

预科 项目



完成 your high school education or college 学位. Return to school for a second 学位. Get workforce training and develop new skills. Explore a special interest. At PCC we never stop learning, and you don't have to either. Explore the variety of course and program offerings of PCC扩展 and the Noncredit Division to begin your next academic endeavor.


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Take the next step and invest in yourself.